Organize a fundraiser

Get active and organize an event to raise funds for Afaayo. Put a plan together and set a fundraising goal so you know what you’re working towards. Make sure to promote your event widely and give people plenty of opportunities to learn more about Afaayo – before, during and after the event.

We can provide you with templates and supporting materials to make your event successful. Depending on the type and size of event we can offer you a guest speaker (remote or in person) and we may even be able to source Ugandan souvenirs you could put up for sale. However, many people who have organized a fundraiser for us also choose to make their own things to sell. For example: food, cards, kitchen utensils or other practical items.

Please let us know about your planned event in advance. We may be able to promote it through our own channels as well. Good luck and thank you in advance for putting in the hard yards to support Afaayo.