Our people

The people who work for Afaayo do so on a voluntary basis. The foundation raises funds to cover the cost of our volunteers. Through them we contribute to a promising and healthy future for African children and mothers. Our aim is to support an increasing number of volunteers across the African continent.

Renske Bakker

Renske has been with Afaayo Foundation from the very beginning. For over a decade now she is based in Uganda, where she is engaged in a number of projects in and around the capital Kampala. Her work has a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of children, and their families. Renske lives in Kampala, together with her son Zefanja. She regularly travels to projects outside the city to provide care and support. Every couple of years Renske visits The Netherlands to update her supporters on the work she is doing and to spend time with family and friends.

Coming to Uganda

In 2005, Renske went to Uganda for the first time, to spend nearly two months as a volunteer in a children’s home near Kampala. It turned out to be a tremendous experience that inspired her to look for a permanent opportunity. Seeing what she could do for the children in Uganda, Renske got her call to go back and help. In the Netherlands, Renske worked as a laboratory technician at the University Medical Center in Utrecht. Renske believes it is her calling to utilize her knowledge and experience for underprivileged and sick children. In 2007 she returned to Uganda indefinitely.

Meeting Zefanja

Coinciding with Renske’s arrival in Uganda was the arrival of a baby at the children’s home where she had just started to work: Zefanja. In the beginning he needed extra care and attention, so he stayed at her home. They started to bond and after a period of time Renske decided to adopt Zefanja. At nearly one year old he moved in with her permanently. The adoption process in Uganda requires a lot of patience, but one day will be finalized. Zefanja goes to school in Kampala and his dream is to become an exotic animal vet or oceanographer.