Home of Hope

In Uganda disabled children often live in very bad circumstances. Many are abandoned over fears that they are a curse to the family, or a suspicion that they are bewitched.

The main focus of Home of Hope is to provide a true home for children with disabilities. Over 70 children with multiple disabilities are being cared for at this project. Home of Hope provides basic needs, social protection and inclusion, improved standards of living, and creating awareness and encouraging love for such children in the community.

Other activities at Home of Hope, as well as in the surrounding communities, are:

  • therapy and care
  • assessment and outreach clinics
  • home visits
  • epilepsy treatment
  • adaptive aid and support
  • support for corrective surgery
  • nutrition support
  • income generating activities
  • training workshops
  • school sponsorship

Home of Hope is a community-based organization in Uganda’s Jinja district.