Other projects

Afaayo collaborates where needed and possible with organizations that have similar goals.

Our Energy Foundation

This organization provides organizations and schools in Africa with a reliable and stable power supply from solar energy. Together with Afaayo they installed solar panels at Home of Hope.

Thanks to the solar panels this project now is less reliant on the power grid, which is regularly disrupted. The panels provide the project with a steady supply of power to ensure the day to day operations of the project run smoothly.

After the Home of Hope clinic and hospital are finished Afaayo will again collaborate with Our Energy Foundation. A reliable energy supply is a life critical need for these medical facilities.

The Home of Hope and Dreams

This project wants to help children who lost all hope by giving them hope and security through schooling, healthcare and a caring environment.

When the project manager of The Home of Hope and Dreams is absent for a longer period of time, Afaayo carries out the most important operational tasks at this project.

First aid

In 2021 Renske will complete a supplementary First Aid course which will enable her to accompany patient transport of children and adults who after a stay in the hospital are returning home.